Rules & Regulations

Purchasing of Lots – The price of lots at the cemetery is $500. Contact Reese Hultman at Peterson-Johnson Funeral Home to purchase a lot.

Burials of Caskets – The cemetery requires a concrete burial vault for the burial of a casket.  The charge for opening and closing the grave is $700 (summer) and $900 (winter). There is an additional fee of $200 for Saturday burials and $300 for Sunday burials.

Burial of Cremated Remains – The cemetery does not require an urn or vault for the burial of cremated remains.  The charge for opening and closing is $350 (summer) and $450 (winter). The cemetery allows for the burial of two sets of cremated remains on one grave or the burial of one set of cremated remains and one casket per grave.  For the second burial on a single grave there will be an interment fee of $500 (the same price as purchasing a cemetery lot).   There is an additional fee of $200 for a Saturday burial and $300 for a Sunday burial. The cemetery allows for one single sized marker (2×1 ft.) per single grave.  You are allowed to put two names on one single sized grave marker.

Markers and Monuments – Markers and monuments must keep with the same size and style as other markers in that area of the cemetery.  In the newer expansion areas flat markers are required.  The size for markers on a single grave is 2ft x 1ft x 4in.  A double maker can be placed on two lots.  The size of double markers is 1ft x 3ft x 4in or 14in x 42in x 4in if room allows.  The cemetery allows for the placement of a government issued military marker in addition to a privately purchased marker.  The cemetery will install markers in a base of pee rock and the setting fee is a $125 setting fee.  The cemetery allows for a private marker company to install markers in a cement apron not to exceed 4 inches.  There will be $50 fee to mark the gravesite.  Burials in the old section northwest of the cemetery entrance require the purchase of a monument.  The size and style of the monument must be approved by the cemetery board before ordering.

Flowers and planters – The cemetery allows for one planter or urn per grave.  Planters must be on legs or stands off the ground and must be removed by September 15 for fall cleanup.  Artificial/plastic decorations placed on the ground for Memorial Day must be removed by June 10.  At that point they will be removed and put behind the storage shed for a short time. The cemetery has the right to remove any decorations that are left on the ground and get in the way of mowing and upkeep.

For other cemetery regulations, please check the signs posted in the cemetery.

The Forest Hill Cemetery Association has the right to change the rules and regulations at any time.